Fortnite Drawstring Bag / Personalized drawstring bag / Custom drawstring bag / Fortnite Bags $28.99 $18.99
Fortnite Iron METAL Women Plus Size legins $28.00 $21.99

$56.99 $36.99

Fortnite Boss Baby School Bag / Orthopedic School Bag / The Boss baby Bookbag / Boss Baby Bag / Boss Baby Backpack / Children Bag

Large capacity, can accommodate large books, large area or high thickness of the book ca be perfectly acceptable, perfect for the A4 paper.

Exposure to side pockets, with open side pockets on both sides of the backpack, you can place umbrellas, water cups, etc.

Breathable shoulder strap design, the shoulder belt is made of reinforced pearl cotton cushion material, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the shoulders.

Shoulder strap adjusting buckle. Made of high quality rubber, it has a strong and durable effect, and it’s smooth.

Two-way zipper, using high quality two-way pull head, not easy to shell, longer life.

Comfortable handle. Select fabrics, adopt the reinforcement craft to sew carefully, feel comfortable, strengthen the triangle edge: can very good fixed shoulder belt is not easy to break.

Production time: 3-5 days / Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

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